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Advancing Renewable Energy in the Midwest

Investing in Rural America

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Campaign to Support and Expand Clean Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is destined to become a big player in the U.S. electrical market. A recent Lazard report predicts that renewables will power 80 percent of our overall electricity needs in the next 10 years. That's where CGA's expertise comes to the forefront.

CGA is well-known for its technical and policy expertise, forward thinking, and ability to bring diverse groups together to advance opportunities for renewables development and ensure the electric grid is equipped for the growth of renewable energy sources. With a wide-angle lens, we seek out the possibilities for renewable energy and develop concrete steps for bringing that energy to an ever-growing renewable market.

The renewable energy industry is booming, and that's a good thing for our economy and for America. With your support Clean Grid Alliance can help deliver our low-cost Midwest renewable energy.